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Sami Zayn had some decent reasons for interrupting The Undertaker

If nothing else, Sami Zayn is a very bold man.

The Undertaker opened this week’s episode of SmackDown with a promo. Taker didn’t say much, but before he could get into any salient points at all, none other than Zayn interrupted him.

Why of all people did Zayn halt the Undertaker’s return to Madison Square Garden?

Rest In Peace Samuel.

Despite having some of the worst timing in all of pro wrestling, Zayn did make a good point about The Deadman passing the torch to a future generation of talent. Maybe Zayn is also concerned about WWE struggling to make stars on the level of Undertaker and Stone Cold.

Just a friendly one off segment for Taker, or will he do anything else during SmackDown’s return to MSG?

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