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The Rock approves of AJ Styles’ Stunner sell, and plots his own MSG return

When you’re talking Stone Cold Stunners, there have been a lot of famous recipients over the years. One currently lives on Pennsylvania Avenue, as a matter of fact. But the two names most associated with taking Steve Austin’s finisher are probably Vince McMahon and Dwayne Johnson.

The Chairman showed a lot of ass for the Texas Rattlesnake, but when you’re talking bumping for the Stunner, The Rock is the measuring stick everyone uses. So you’d think AJ Styles would be pretty pleased that Austin didn’t dispute a fan compared him to The Great One:

AJ should be even more pleased that Rocky agrees! And I think Styles is probably thrilled... but I can’t be sure, since he’s too busy arguing semantics - and missing Johnson’s Pulp Fiction reference:

Meanwhile, The Rock is thinking about when he can FINALLY return to Madison Square Garden like Stone Cold did last night (Sept. 9)... but Johnson’s not trying to get there for Raw or SmackDown. Instead, he wants to do it for the main event of UFC 244 on Nov. 2:

The night of that fight, Vince may feel a slight sting - and I don’t mean Steve Borden.

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