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Becky Lynch burying a ‘crying’ Sasha Banks is quality content

Maybe Sasha Banks is showing up at SummerSlam, or maybe Becky Lynch has absolutely no chill.

I was this close to writing a post on how humble Lynch has been since sharing the WWE 2K20 cover with Roman Reigns. Then Sky Sports stuck a mic in front of The Man’s face and the rest is trash talk history.

This doesn’t sound like the Lynch that is already on top of the mountain and has a WrestleMania main event win under her belt. Lynch going off on an M.I.A Banks sounds exactly like the broken nosed, bloody faced version of The Man.

There’s poppin’ off and then a few levels above that is Lynch verbally stomping on the soul of Banks. The Boss is currently going through something with WWE, who can really be sure what, but that doesn’t stop The Man from driving through every stop sign put in front of her.

“Oh yeah, if Sasha Banks could hack it and didn’t just get her jacket and shoes off, crying like Ronda Rousey then I would love to face her. But unfortunately she couldn’t take losing. She lost the tag team championship and she was gone. Some people can’t hack losing. They can’t step up and realize when you lose, it’s just a chance to get better and learn and a chance to grow. Instead she wants to talk about ‘oh the freaking wind and the butterflies and the freaking cocoons. And I’m a rabbit that’s coming from the Earth and the soil.’ And whatever else she wants to put on her freaking social media crap. Come fight me Sasha if you want it.”

Check out the full interview below

We’re joined by WWE Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch ahead of SummerSlam, live on Sky Sports Box Office this Sunday!

Posted by Sky Sports on Friday, August 9, 2019

Chances of Sasha Banks showing up at SummerSlam? Maybe this Monday’s episode of Raw?

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