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Bayley still talks to Sasha Banks, wishes they could’ve done more with tag titles

Even when Bayley speaks her mind, she’s still so nice about it.

The current WWE SmackDown women’s champion has hit the interview circuit more often since she has won the title. Last month, Bayley tip-toed around a question about WWE not having a player's union for their roster, but still gave an honest answer about it all.

Promoting her SummerSlam match with Ember Moon this Sunday night, Bayley doesn’t get openly critical about WWE creative, but she does come about as close as she can to that line.

In an interview with TalkSPORT, Bayley spoke about remaining in contact with her best friend and former tag team partner.

“She’s always happy for me, whenever. She called me [that night]. We’re always happy for each other when anything great like that happens. You know, when she won her first title I wasn’t there. But we talk all the time and just like normal best friends in real-life, we’re happy when we see each other succeed.”

Friends and co-workers talking to one another? Who knew.

Bayley also stated what everyone is thinking about how the WWE women’s tag team titles have been a disappointment.

“I just wish they were more. And that was our goal, to try and bring them to life and everything and we didn’t really get a chance to do what we wanted with it. But, we thought the IIconics would have a chance and then they kind of didn’t. So I just see so much potential in the tag titles and I still haven’t given up on them. If it’s Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss who actually get time to grow the titles, then I’m happy with that. As long as they get out there and they’re represented how they should be, I’ll be happy.”

The timing of this interview really does support the rumor that Vince McMahon didn’t want women tag team titles and had no plans for them. Despite WWE giving the titles to two pairs of talented teams, creative has been pretty garbage in terms of building up and supporting The Boss n’ Hug Connection or The IIconics.

With Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss holding the belts, maybe WWE will finally get behind their third women’s title?

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