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Ex-WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs on being fired, unhappiness on creative team

The great thing about any Jimmy Jacobs interview is that he is an open book.

The former WWE writer, indie wrestler, and Impact Wrestling producer sat down with Chris Van Vliet to talk his career. Jacobs opened up about his time as WWE writer from 2015 through 2017, until he was fired for posting a picture with members of Bullet Club, during their “invasion” of Raw in Sept. 2017.

“They did for me (getting fired) what I could have never have done for myself. I would have stayed there another 10 years and been miserable and hated life just like most of the other writers there. I don’t want to speak for them, but there’s a lot of unhappiness there.”

Jacobs added:

“The stuff with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, that was like the crowning stuff of my time there. Doing all that with them, coming up with the List of Jericho, whatever involvement I had in writing the Festival of Friendship. That day was like this culmination of this thing we did. A lot of WWE is really fun except there is one black cloud that hangs over the entire place and that’s the crazy man. It just creates an environment where people aren’t trying to do what’s best.”

Late last year Jacobs made headlines when he tried to explain why Raw is often lackluster TV by saying “Writing a 3 hour wrestling TV show every single week is ******* hard.” Jacobs would go further down a wormhole when he attempted to explain WWE’s creative process during a lengthy interview.

Check out the entire interview above for even more insight from Jimmy Jacobs on all things pro wrestling, ROH, going to rehab, and more.

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