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Daniel Bryan says Rowan didn’t do it

The plot thickens, with a reminder that there is no such thing as a bad Daniel Bryan interview, only questions about what spot a given promo deserves in the pantheon of great Daniel Bryan interviews...

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa - this is typical media spin! This is typical media spin, and I like how you guys don’t try to put any of the blame on Roman Reigns. What happened when Roman Reigns asked Buddy Murphy? What happened!?!? What did he say he saw? He said he saw no one, and only when he had his head forced against the wall by Roman Reigns did he say anything about Rowan. What would you do? If I pinned your head to the wall, and I said you couldn’t leave until you gave me a name? I guarantee you you would give me a name. I don’t know Buddy Murphy. I don’t care about Roman Reigns. All I know is Rowan has nothing to do with this.”

Yes, your boy D-Bry just working a critique of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques into a wrestling storyline. We’re not worthy.

To the matter at hand, though... is Bryan telling the truth? A half-truth? Was it him? Does he have other intellectual peers we don’t know about, doing his bidding even as we speak?

Or were the World’s former Tag Team Champs really not involved in either the forklift accident or the attempted vehicular homicide? And if that’s the case... who was?

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