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Shane McMahon rejects Kevin Owens’ latest stipulation

So Shane McMahon versus Kevin Owens will not be career versus career this Sunday at SummerSlam.

This week on SmackDown, KO made a last minute proposal to McMahon. In Owens’ eyes, McMahon should put his career on the line at SummerSlam. In order to get Shane-O-Mac into a one on one match, Owens agreed to retire if he loses on Sunday night.

Being a McMahon, Shane simply did not want to put his career up for grabs and told Owens no. The two men would then come to blows, with Owens getting the upper-hand until a run in from Elias finally turned the tide in McMahon’s favor.

Shocked McMahon didn’t elbow drop KO through the announce table.

Is there any way WWE doesn’t have Kevin Owens go over Shane McMahon at SummerSlam?

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