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Paige laments lack of ‘actual opportunity’ for WWE Women’s tag title feud

It wasn’t a surprise. After earning the match in a “beat the champs, get a title shot” spot they got because it was taking place in their home country of Japan, Kabuki Warriors Women’s Tag Team title match on SmackDown was a comedy segment which saw The IIconics walk out with a disqualification loss, and their belts.

In any other division, that would have been the set-up for some kind of stipulation match which would prevent heels Billie Kay & Peyton Royce from pulling the same stunt twice.

When Asuka & Kairi Sane did get a second shot - in only the fourth televised title defense of The IIconics four month reign - it was in a 4Way elimination match announced hours before it happened. And during their entrance, WWE’s production team confused Asuka for her old Stardom partner Io Shirai...

... we’ll let you make your own inferences on that.

Anyway, as you now know, The Kabuki Warriors aren’t Women’s Tag champs this morning. Neither are Royce & Kay. And that has Asuka & Kairi’s manager thinking about what might have been, you know, if the women’s tag scene was treated like any other scene in WWE (even the red-headed stepchildren that are the men’s tag divisions):

It’s cool to see Paige stick up for her squad - the Warriors and the entire Women’s Tag division. And putting the title on Alexa Bliss, a wrestler WWE sees as one of the roster’s most valuable players, might change how that division is presented.

But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

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