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It wasn’t the regular forklift operator (UPDATED)

WWE is deep into its investigation into who exactly is responsible for Roman Reigns nearly suffering grave injuries on SmackDown Live last week when steel beams almost crashed down onto him. So far, it’s been uncovered that the incident was caused by a forklift driver error.

The investigation hit a snag when trying to determine the identity of said driver.

Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre have denied involvement while Samoa Joe got himself fined specifically avoiding the question. Now, WWE has ruled out yet another possibility:

As a part of an ongoing investigation, it has been discovered that WWE’s regular forklift operator had taken the day off from work due to illness.

This would seem to rule out Reigns’ theory that it was all an accident by the regular crew.

Someone must have known and take advantage. Or, and I certainly don’t want to assume a truly sinister plot here, perhaps the driver was poisoned to ensure the culprit could follow through with this heinous plan.

We may very well find out the true identity of said culprit tonight on Raw.

Get well soon, regular forklift operator.

UPDATE: WWE has updated its investigation to note that it was a temp and not an actual WWE employee who was operating the forklift on SmackDown Live last week.

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