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WWE fines Samoa Joe for ‘altercation’ with producer

Just when you thought the Roman Reigns backstage attack/forklift accident story couldn’t get any weirder...

Samoa Joe fined following altercation at Pittsburgh International Airport

Samoa Joe has been fined an undisclosed amount by WWE due to his behavior earlier today at Pittsburgh International Airport.

When asked by a WWE producer if he was responsible for the forklift incident that nearly injured Roman Reigns this past Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE, Joe responded aggressively and knocked the phone out of the producer’s hand.

How does this fit into the angle? Will the whole thing be written off as an accident, while Joe vs. Roman at SummerSlam is booked because The Big Dog wants to stand up to the bullying of backstage staff?

I don’t know, but Joe’s response is top notch, as always...

You can see Joe’s ‘altercation’ here. As to what might happen next in this story, if it’s even all one story? Join us at 8PM eastern for the Raw.

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