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Matt Riddle still hates Goldberg, really doesn’t care what Chris Jericho & other WCW vets think of him

Coming off the latest edition of Matt Riddle’s never-ending public critique of Goldberg, a couple of Bill G’s former co-workers at a certain Turner-owned promotion chimed in with their own critiques of the King of Bros:

Riddle caught wind of Chris Jericho & Lance Storm’s tweets and, lumping in some comments Booker T made on his podcast back in June, has turned this into a whole BRO vs. WCW online feud. First he hit them all a tweet and a look:

Then he explained his whole position, and pulled no punches, in this Twitter promo:

“I’m just gonna say this, I don’t know what’s going on with all these WCW guys - legitimately. Man, I don’t like Goldberg. I had my thing. I don’t think - I’m not even gonna get into it. Everybody knows that thing, and it’s true, he’s not at the level and yes, he’s made lots of money, but at the end of the day, when future wrestlers come in or somebody wants to get into this business or a passionate fan wants to watch something good, I doubt they’re gonna pull up a Bill Goldberg match. They’re gonna pull up one of my matches, or Kurt Angle’s matches, or Chris Benoit matches, or Shawn Michaels, or Bret Hart - and I’ll go on. But Goldberg’s not in that category, or list. That’s enough.

Chris Jericho, you came at me. I don’t know why you’re saying ‘listen and learn, kid’ - I’ll beat the shit out of you. I don’t understand that, I don’t get it, you’re soft as hell, maybe back in your prime, but even then I would have beat the shit out of you then. So I - listen and learn from me, bro. Shut your mouth.

Lance! I don’t get it. You were boring then. I remember doing a seminar with you at Legends Camp in North Carolina, I literally fell asleep during your seminar, I had to be woken up by you. I even apologized at the time. And then to think years I’d be in NXT and, for some reason, you get on your little Twitter machine, you start talking trash about me. Bro, barefoot or not, I’m still ten-times the entertainer you ever were. Keep coaching, keep passing on the tradition, just don’t teach ‘em how to be entertaining because you don’t know how to.

Alright, and Booker T? I honestly, like, I really like you Booker T. Really didn’t want any heat with you. But - you said I couldn’t work, and I’m pretty sure if you watch a couple of my matches, eh - you’ll probably realize, you were really wrong about that.

So that’s it. I want everybody to know where I’m coming from, cause - I’m a pretty sweet guy, okay? And I don’t want any of this trouble - okay? Alright, everybody have a great Monday. And I’ll see everybody in Albany, New York Thursday, Buffalo, New York Friday, and TakeOver: Toronto Saturday. Later bro.”

A lot of the responses on social media have latched on to his mentioning the scrubbed-from-WWE-history Chris Benoit, but maybe that’s mitigated by calling out a man competing to be All Elite’s first World champion as “soft as hell”?

If we can be serious for a minute, Storm may get the worst of this, and there are plenty of friends & students of Lance at the Performance Center who might take issue with Riddle’s comments - either in real life, or to set-up a kayfabe program.


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