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Don’t sleep on the Great Khali’s Instagram indeed

I was taking a stroll down the mean streets of Twitter, when I took a sexy turn onto Fandango Lane.

That thought was endorsed by Renee Young and Matt Hardy. Time to put on my detective cap and monocle. Let’s dive into the Great Khali’s Instagram page.

Nothing to see here, except a freaking snake in Khali’s sneaker.

Khali has been busy with leg workouts and chopping bricks.

To relax, Khali rubs himself down with oil and hip hop music.

Khali even makes yard work sound interesting.

The verdict says Fandango is correct. Khali’s Instagram is an interesting trove of gems. It is good to see the Punjabi Playboy enjoying life.

What do you think about the Great Khali’s Instagram?

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