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Pete Dunne is not a fan of the PWI 500

Or any of your rankings or ratings.

Pete Dunne on Twitter

Yesterday, Pro Wrestling Illustrated released their annual ranking of pro wrestlers, the PWI 500. It’s a strange bird, started after Vince McMahon admitted on-the-record that match outcomes were pre-determined by a publication that’s claim to fame was that it kept kayfabe. As such, it awards performers for kayfabe accomplishments, while also acknowledging that his (or her, in the case of the PWI Women’s 100) achievement of those accomplishments was decided by others behind-the-scenes.

But it’s also just a list used to spark conversation and sell magazines/get clicks. Fans, critics & reporters have been making “Best of” lists forever. Mass media’s just made it so what was once limited to bar/family room debates and awards shows is now an argument the world has in real-time.

Which is why this tweet from NXT’s Pete Dunne is generating almost as much discussion as the PWI 500:

The Bruiserweight followed up to make it clear this shouldn’t be interpreted as a shot at PWI’s choice for #1, WWE Universal champion Seth Rollins:

“Just find what you like and watch it often” is great advice! But to say that there is a right and wrong way to discuss what you like with your friends and others is... odd. Especially since Dunne doesn’t offer up a way to discuss wrestling which he doesn’t find “silly”. And since the entire business is predicated on promotion, and one of the best means of that is recommendations from others whose opinions you trust or value, this stance isn’t particularly useful for a young man working to become a bigger star.

But artists complain about how awards are antithetical to art even as they’re accepting them sometimes. Athletes take issue with top ten lists and video game ratings. People who are ranked railing against rankings & rankers is as old as debating who/what is the best.

Plus, Pete’s gimmick is in part that he’s a curmudgeon. In wrestling, who can say if his anti-PWI 500 and Wrestling Observer star ratings stance isn’t partially a work?

If it isn’t a work, though, we might have some advice for Dunne. Perhaps instead of getting worked up by what others care about, you should find the wrestling publications you like and read them often?

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