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Dango’s back, doing the wrestles with Breezy in NXT on the reg

He ran in to save Tyler Breeze from a Forgotten Sons beatdown on the July 31 NXT (taped on June 13), and Fashion Files aficionados everywhere rejoiced. And with the black-and-gold brand’s house show swing through Florida this weekend, we’ve got another reason to celebrate. He’s officially a member of the NXT roster, and back in the ring.

Thursday night (Aug. 1) in St. Petersburg, Fandango worked his first match in 13 months, as the Fashion Police beat The Outliers (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak).

He also won a dance off with Outliers manager Robert Strauss. By TKO. Without even dancing.

Then last night in Melbourne, Dango helped Prince Pretty beat Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake of the Sons in the main event. And he looked goooooood...

Dango went out with labrum tear in his left shoulder 13 months ago. But now he’s...

And NXT is likely a great place for them. As my man Kyle Decker pointed out in his review of last Wednesday’s show, they can continue the story started with Breeze and have the duo try to reclaim the mojo that made Tyler a title contender on this show and gave Fandango a WrestleMania win over Chris Jericho. At the same time, they can be an entertaining presence for the brand on WWE Network and online while helping to train and put over the next wave of talent coming through the Performance Center.

However it works out, we’re glad to have the gorgeous goofball back.

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