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Cesaro and the injury that took two years to fix

Yesterday (Aug. 27, 2019), Cesaro shared that his braces were recently removed, and for the first time since 2017, he could bite into an apple:

Two years is a long time. So long, that you might have forgotten why Cesaro needed braces in the first place. And that’s pretty amazing, because the injury which necessitated the maxillofacial surgery that preceded the braces happened live on WWE Network. And it was pretty horrific.

At No Mercy on Sun., Sept. 24, 2017 when The Bar faced Raw Tag Team champs Seth Rollins and some cat named Dean Ambrose, a slingshot spot went awry, and Cesaro went teeth first into the ring post.

It turns out his teeth weren’t broken, they were shoved up into his gums and jaw. He finished the match, had some fun with the situation on social media, had surgery, and was wrestling again at a house show the following Friday.

Now, almost two years later, he’s finally done with the fix to his injury.

If you see him at TakeOver: Cardiff this weekend, buy the man an apple, would ya?

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