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Daniel Bryan slaps around Rowan & Roman Reigns is pretty sure who did it

Wait, so did Rowan really do it?

This week on SmackDown Unsolved Mysteries, Roman Reigns unearthed some brand new footage from the original scaffold attack levied upon him.

After Daniel Bryan and Rowan requested a public apology for last week’s unveiling, Reigns rolled video of what looked like a red bearded attacker at the scene of the first attack. Was it Rowan? Or was it that old guy who looks likes a Bizarro World version of Rowan?

Whomever it was, it was enough for Bryan to immediately start slapping the ever living hell out of poor Rowan.

Daniel Bryan really does hate liars.

Alright Cagesiders, who did it? Who really attacked Roman Reigns? Bryan? Rowan? Other?

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