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Gronk’s WWE career would be more Stephen Amell than Ronda Rousey

Former New England Patriots all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski has always been a WWE fan. One of his best friends is an active wrestler with the company (Mojo Rawley hasn’t done much but yell at a mirror on Raw, but he’s a Main Event & house show regular), and Gronk made a couple of appearances back in 2017, even getting involved in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 to assist Rawley.

He’s retired from the NFL (for now, anyway) and getting into the business world, but he can’t escape questions about his sports - and sports entertainment - future. At a press conference in New York to announce his partnership with CBDMedic, Gronkowski talked about his WWE dream... in between fielding questions about a return to the World Champions.

It sounds like we can definitely expect to see Gronk in the ring someday, but when he does, it’ll be more Stephen Amell at SummerSlam 2015 than Ronda Rousey’s 2018 - 2019 run with WWE.

From a stream of the press conference on Boston’s WBZ4:

“I don’t feel like I would be a full-time wrestler, but there is one thing I’m down for and that’s to do one crazy match. Like practice it for a little bit and go in during like a Royal Rumble, and go out there - I got my friend in WWE [Mojo], practice it - do a full-on WWE match. I’m not saying when. Maybe like five years, I’ve got the rest of my life to do that. But I’m saying I’ve always dreamed and I’ve always thought about doing that, just one time, going in there and just going full out. So that may be a possibility, like one time, down the road.”

Gronk’s down. Are you?

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