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This image is so great I’m almost ready to sign up for King Corbin

In his always excellent Raw reactions post, my man Alex Briggs called the above pic - already well on its way to memedom, by the way - “a truly horrifying glimpse into some alternate dimension where [Baron Corbin] actually wins King of the Ring.”

And I get it. Corbin’s main event run from late 2018 until this year’s Extreme Rules was... not my favorite thing in wrestling history. A King of the Ring win for the former Sheriff of Raw probably ensures this year’s tournament will end up more towards the Mabel end of the KotR power rankings than the Steve Austin one, but do we really have much reason to believe the winner is getting a big push anyway?

The dream at this point is a win for Ricochet, Ali, Buddy Murphy, or Andrade. A reign that leads to singles gold, a future PPV headliner, and a return to prominence for WWE’s signature tournament.

But if we’re not getting that, and Vince McMahon & team can resist the urge to try to use Baron as a top of the card guy again? King Corbin as a mid-card heel used to help the Ricochets and Alis of the roster reach the next level isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

Come on. Are you telling me you wouldn’t tune in to see somebody kick this guy’s ass?

Watch the throne.

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