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WWE books Sasha’s first match since WrestleMania 35 in very ‘Reality’ Era fashion

We knew this was coming after the way Sasha Banks used and abused Natalya over the past couple weeks to make it clear The Boss was back. WWE made it official today (Aug. 26) when they told TheWrap Banks would have her first match since WrestleMania 35 when she faces Nattie on Raw tonight in New Orleans.

For the past few weeks, WWE’s been using mainstream (as in usually covering topics other than pro wrestling) websites to announce segments for their Monday night flagship. The one given to the entertainment news site this week is a little different, though. It liberally mixes in the behind-the-scenes drama which has surrounded Sasha since she & Bayley dropped the Women’s Tag Team titles in New Jersey this past April, including in how it announces Banks will speak on her recent history before her match with Nat:

“Sasha Banks is finally returning to the WWE wrestling ring on Monday’s Raw in a match with Natalya, WWE has confirmed to TheWrap. Before the bell rings for that faceoff, the Boss will open tonight’s show with a heel promo, a person with knowledge of the current script plans tells TheWrap exclusively.

This week’s script intends to walk the WWE Universe through Banks’ turn from a babyface to a bad guy.”

The story liberally uses terminology which makes it clear what we see on USA Network every week is scripted, but it also plays into gossip & rumor to make the drama feel real:

“At the time this story was published, it was undecided how ‘real’ Banks’ promo and the explanation for her heel turn would get.

‘Last week’s promo by Sasha was designed to establish her character’s villainous take on all situations,’ one key Raw writer, who requested their name be withheld from this story, told us. ‘This week’s is designed to get into the backstory, why she’s turned heel, the motivation behind the change in her persona.’”

TheWrap even closes with a “plans change” caveat we’re used to seeing from The Wrestling Observer or PWInsider:

“As always with WWE, rewrites are constantly happening, and everything — including tonight’s plan for Banks — should be considered subject to last-minute adjustment.”

The immediate takeaway is that we should expect a big Raw for Banks tonight, as WWE works to establish her as the foil Becky Lynch has needed since Ronda Rousey left.

Bigger picture? The company is playing around with some interesting new ways of marketing & promoting their product. They’ll infuriate some traditionalists, but if they attract new and/or younger viewers, while enhancing their appeal to demographics beyond 30 - 50 year old men? I don’t think WWE will care how upset certain pundits are.

Let us know what you think of TheWrap article below, and join us in the live blog tonight as we see what The Boss gets up to on Raw!

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