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Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston shut down a ‘CM Punk’ chant with KENTA’s finisher

They almost certainly don’t love the chant itself, but WWE Superstars seem to really enjoy responding when audiences break out into a rousing chorus of “CM Punk”.

We saw AJ Styles break out D-X’s crotch chop, and this weekend at the SmackDown house show in Lima, Peru, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston took it in a whole ‘nother direction.

By spamming Punk’s finisher:

Kingston kicks out of two instances of the GTS before slipping out of a third Bryan tries to hit after an airplane spin. Kofi lands his own, but DB kicks out of that, too. The New Day member would eventually go on to win the match and retain his WWE championship.

Fun, right? But it doesn’t end there, as the originator of the Go To Sleep (who reclaimed it in WWE before The Brian Kendrick was injured taking it and the company allegedly made him stop using it, but has since reclaimed it again in New Japan) chimed in when he saw some footage on Twitter:

And that prompted a back-and-forth with WWE Intercontinental champ (had to look it up to confirm, but it’s true) Shinsuke Nakamura about licensing fees associated with finishing maneuvers:

See? ‘CM Punk’ chants aren’t all bad.

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