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Looks like Finn Bálor got married

Looks like the WWE locker room’s got a case of matrimony fever. Maybe it’s because we’re all giddy about The Man’s man giving her a ring, but we’re not sure how else to interpret these Instagrams from Finn Bálor and his girlfriend, Fox Sports Mexico’s Vero Rodríguez:

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Welcome to the jungle #forevergang

A post shared by Finn Bálor Forever (@finnbalor) on

A pic of a Mayan holy place located in the jungle on the Yucatán Peninsula with a caption that can either be taken as “win”, “wedding” or both, followed hours later by what looks like a ceremony in said holy place featuring a long shot of a couple who certainly could be Finn & Vero with a hashtag including the word “forever”.

The implication seems clear, but who knows? Bálor’s a notorious internet prankster, and it looks like Rodríguez’s has a wrestler-like ability to be cryptic on social media.

We’ll go ahead and trust out instincts here though, and say that not even our favorite carb-hating Irishman would troll about his. So congrats to the happy couple, and keep your eyes on Andrade & Charlotte’s Instas.

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