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These WWE/Masters of the Universe figures have me Feeling The Power

As a Gen X-er, my tween & teen years are being commodified pretty much everywhere you look these days. Which is only fair, I suppose, because in the 80s we did the same thing with the 50s. But I digress...

Even as I roll my eyes and curse a little bit with each new TV show set in 1986, it’s not like it’s all bad. The Americans was great, Stranger Things is fun, and of course I’m in the bag for GLOW. And I’m not ashamed to admit some of the nostalgic product offerings bypass my cynicism shield to pluck that string which connects my heart to wallet.

Like the latest waves of these gloriously goofy WWE Masters of the Universe action figures Mattel announced at Power-Con 2019 in Anaheim last weekend.

I’m not sure why John Cena is a cross between Faker & Syklone (I think?), but the Rey Mysterio/Stratos one is pretty sweet. You can check out a gallery of the new line-up on here.

Two of them are absolutely genius, though - at least IMHO.

2. The New Day members as Man-E-Faces, who even has an ‘E’ in his name, and to whom they’ve given a unicorn horn!?!?

If you’re going to pander to me, at least be clever about it. Stuff like this makes me feel the power, of Grayskull AND Positivity.

Thanks to this article on for refreshing my childhood memories.

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