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WWE Superstar reactions to Becky & Seth’s engagement are... kind of all over the place

Last night (Aug. 22), Becky Lynch shared the exciting news that she & Seth Rollins are engaged to be married. The pair seem very happy and - while the weird connection wrestlers have with their audience and basic human nature means we’ll want to know more and have opinions about what we think we know - that’s really the only details we fans should get.

Don’t think there’s any harm in seeing how their co-workers are reacting to, and using, the announcement, though.

WWE officially congratulated them, of course. And some, like Renee Young, went the same route:

Meanwhile, fellow Irishman & locker room veteran leader-type Sheamus went a little more traditional, playing big brother to his countrywoman:

24/7 title pursuer Drake Maverick, on the other hand, tied the news into his ongoing marriage storyline. We’ll need to consult with the experts, but... we’re more than two months past the wedding date, DM. If you and Renee haven’t sealed the deal yet, I’m not even sure you’re still legally married:

Finally, interviewer Cathy Kelley decided this would be a good time to update the world on her relationship status, and piggyback on the fire that announcement caused by providing some links on a much more important fire happening right now:

Told you they were kind of all over the place.

What’s your reaction?

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