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Bray Wyatt addresses his Husky Harris past, and suddenly we’re scared for Cody Rhodes

Back in 2010 - 2012, NXT was a ‘reality’ competition show which pitted “Rookies” from WWE’s developmental system against one another in pursuit of a WWE contract and a pay-per-view (PPV) match. Each of the contestants was paired with a main roster “Pro” who was there to support and/or antagonize them, and whose vote would factor into determining the weekly and season winners.

Among the second batch of “Rookies” was a 23 year old Windham Rotunda. You now know him as Bray Wyatt, but then he was going by Husky Harris. The charisma was already evident, but “The Sherman tank with the Ferrari engine” gimmick was never destined to break out on Raw or SmackDown. Harris’ “Pro” was another guy who took a while to settle into the right gimmick - All Elite Wrestling’s Cody Rhodes.

Husky had a decent run on the show, but was eliminated before the final. Now, the character is best known for when some jamokes in Baltimore chanted it during the debut of Bray Wyatt on Raw, and as the inspiration for the Huskus The Pig puppet in Firefly FunHouse.

That’s all just background information for this tweet, though, which is the latest example of Bray’s clever use of social media in his character’s current form:

Watch your back, Cody. The Fiend may show up to “forgive you” like he did Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, and Jerry Lawler.

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