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Chad Gable could be getting a new name, and it’s unbelievable


The summer of Chad Gable continues.

In case you missed it, WWE has done a whole lot of nothing with Gable for the past several months and counting. Oh sure, Gable got a new haircut that inspired hope. The 33-year-old then teased a new gimmick that came and went on SmackDown without most fans even noticing.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged) Dave Meltzer reports on what he believes is another new name and or gimmick change for Gable.

“Gable was doing an interview. Benjamin was in the background and put a sign on the dressing room door saying you have to be this height to get into King of the Ring, to make fun of Gable’s height. WWE just trademarked the term Shorty G as a wrestling name and rumor had it Gable was going to get that name. This segment would lead you in that direction.”

Oh no.

Anything but this.

Go Shorty? It’s your gimmick.

Hopefully for the sake of Chad Gable the pivot to Shorty G is a “plans changed” type of report.

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