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WWE set to launch their own podcast network

For fans who were concerned WWE didn’t produce enough content on a weekly basis, we have some good news for you.

Not only is WWE getting into the podcasting game, they are building an entire network of shows for fans to consume. The Hollywood Reporter was first to break the news and score key quotes from both WWE as well as their partners at Endeavor Audio.

“Storytelling is at WWE’s core and we are eager to add the audio genre to our portfolio,” said WWE Advanced Media executive vp Jayar Donlan. “Partnering with Endeavor Audio, an expert in podcasting, will enable us to provide our fans with unique content and reach new audiences across the platform.”

Added Endeavor Audio senior vp Moses Soyoola, “We’re always looking to pair dynamic content with the best formats for listeners. Through our new partnership with WWE, we’re looking forward to tapping into their iconic event portfolio and talent base to create compelling audio content for their fans.”

The story would go on to say that several superstar-focused series will air on the new network, with a date for launch and more shows to be announced in the coming weeks.

With WWE only appearing on two television stations, a massive amount of social media and YouTube content produced every week, and their own Network’s streaming service to fill, maybe it is time pro wrestling’s biggest promotion dips their toes into podcasting.

Backed by a well known company like Endeavor Audio and with a wealth of talented performers in their ranks, WWE podcasts could provide some interesting content. Maybe the only fear is that WWE acquires an already existing pro wrestling podcast and waters it down a bit.

Alright Cagesiders, who can’t wait for the WWE Podcast Network?

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