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Report: CM Punk’s agent contacted Fox about WWE studio show job

CM Punk

Sensing a ‘CM Punk fires his agent’ post in the future.

Maybe all the smoke about CM Punk not ready to 100% leave pro wrestling for good is actually a full on fire. When not teasing Cody Rhodes on Twitter or getting into fights with MMA fans, career-wise Punk may be looking to get back with of all companies the WWE?

Kind of.

From the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged) Dave Meltzer reports on the possibility of very strange bedfellows roaming the halls of Fox Sports 1.

“CAA, which represents Punk and also represents WWE, has had an agent reach out to FOX head honchos about Punk as a co-host of the upcoming new FS 1 talk show. From a WWE standpoint, my gut is that they’d hate the idea. He’d be working for FOX, not WWE. We’re told there have been no negotiations at all regarding that. The impression is WWE wouldn’t like it but things change daily.”

Would love to live in a timeline where this scenario is actually possible.

Back to reality where television partners do not hire people openly critical of their product to anchor down weekly studio shows. It’s hard to imagine the NFL or MLB green lighting Fox hiring someone to work for them that has such an adversarial relationship towards their leagues.

It was a little over a year ago when Punk and his former friend Colt Cabana wrapped up a trial with WWE’s Dr. Chris Amman.

It’s not clear if Punk’s agent would reach out to a big network without the permission of their client. Is this report perhaps a sign that CM Punk is open to working with WWE again in the future?

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