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Rusev loses the ‘stache, calls out a rumormonger

It seems like it was just last week we were wondering about Rusev’s future and admiring his sweet new mustache. Probably because it was just last week.

Well, the ‘stache is gone. We hardly had a chance to develop an unhealthy attachment to it!

Maybe our obsession with all things related to the Handsome & Elated Bulgarian is the root of the other thing he got up to online recently. There’s a demand to know things like when and where Rusev and his lovely wife Lana will next appear. It drives some on the wrestle web to crank out as many rumors as they can to meet that demand, even if the sources of those rumors aren’t confirmed or vetted.

Even as someone who traffics in online chatter, I get where it would be frustrating for talent to hear gossip about their lives from strangers, some of whom care little if what they’re spreading has much or any basis in truth. Rusev’s frustration came through in these exchanges about his WWE contract status - at first good-naturedly, then in a more pointed fashion:

Whether he’s coming back to WWE or not, sweet ‘stache or no sweet ‘stache... Rusev is out here doing good work.

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