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Ronda Rousey nearly severed her finger filming 9-1-1

Just last week we learned former Raw Women’s champ Ronda Rousey had picked up a gig which would probably impact when she could return to WWE (should she decide to).

Now, TMZ reported and Ronda herself has confirmed an accident she suffered on the set of that job which will also play a factor in her wrestling future.

WARNING! There’s an unedited version of the cover photo embedded below, and it is not for the faint of heart.

As Rousey explains it, the incident happened during the first take of the day when a boat door fell on her hand. She thought the injury was minor - and as a former mixed martial artist and pro wrestler, she’s used to working through pain - so she waited until the director yelled cut to inform him that the top of the middle finger on her left hand was almost completely cut off just below the top knuckle.

TMZ reports the finger was broken and tendon “nearly” severed. Ronda ring finger is also broken.

As she says, she was back at work the next day. Even with a plate and screws in the middle finger, it sounds like she’s on the road to recovery, so I guess having the top of your finger almost cut off might not change her wrestling timetable (if she even has one) too much.

But still, damn.

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