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This week’s signs Ronda Rousey isn’t done with pro wrestling

One goofy, one not, but both featuring members of WWE’s Women’s roster.

Since we’re (sadly or thankfully, depending on which side you’re on in the great Boss wars) not really getting much in the way of Sasha Banks updates these days, we’re left wondering about when or if former Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey will be back in a WWE ring any time soon.

Today (Fri., Aug. 2) brings us a couple things to consider.

One is a follow-up to Rousey’s own “Ronda Misses It” video, which ended with husband Travis Browne telling house guest - and WWE producer/agent - Devon “D-Von Dudley” Hughes to get the tables. It’s a goofy but IMHO pretty funny horror movie spoof that doesn’t really directly tie-in to pro wrestling, but it does feature a cameo a compound bow-wielding Paige, so...

Next, we have an interview Natalya did with The New York Post. Natty trained with Ronda prior to her WWE debut and was a frequent collaborator during her 15 month run performing for the company. She’s also challenging Becky Lynch, the woman who beat Rousey for the Raw Women’s title, at SummerSlam. Despite that, the article is all about Rowdy.

And Natalya believes she’ll be back:

“Ronda I think misses it a lot. I think that she misses it. I think that she definitely wants to come back, but I think that she’s so focused on having a family and that’s something… When Ronda makes a promise to somebody, she stands by her word. And she really wants to have a family and she’s really focused on that with her husband Travis.

So I believe that that right now is her main focus, but I also think she still has a lot of unfinished business is WWE and so, for me, because she kind of fell in love with it more than she even realized she would, I think she’ll be back, but it’s all about timing and I just think her family is coming first right now and I think every woman can relate to that.”

Even before these items, it’s felt like Rousey’s WWE return was a question of “when”, not “if”.

Do these change anything? Probably not, but at least it gives us a couple things to mull over.

And “Let’s make some motherf***ing mulch” as a battle cry.

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