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Rey Mysterio teases at retirement but can’t yet

WWE really made fans think Rey Mysterio was about to tearfully retire during a backstage interview.

Mysterio slammed down on the gas pedal and stopped at the edge of an emotional cliff. The 44-year-old living legend cut maybe one of the best promos of his career this week on Raw.

Father Time remains undefeated and it felt like Mysterio was tired of trying to beat the odds week in and week out. It was only a few weeks ago when Andrade beat Mysterio and removed his mask.

Mysterio wasn’t happy about getting his mask taken off him, but he was damn near heartbroken that he didn’t have the skills to do anything about it. Andrade broke Mysterio and it looked like he was seconds away from retirement.

Then Mysterio’s son Dominick showed up and talked his Dad down.

Dominick is as green as any WWE wrestler on the main roster or down in NXT, but he drummed up enough emotions here to not ruin his father’s spectacular performance.

More of this story please.

How much longer until Rey Mysterio really does hang up his mask?

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