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We may see a Cesaro Swing on Samoa Joe

From an interview Cesaro did with SI promoting his first round King of the Ring match against Samoa Joe on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw:

“I’ll take Samoa Joe for a ride on the Cesaro Swing with no hesitation whatsoever. I swung the Great Khali, and I threw the Big Show over the top rope at the first-ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I’m pretty well equipped for this because of training–these aren’t disco muscles. I’m looking at Samoa Joe as a big challenge. People have seen what I’ve done to better guys. I train in a way for my move set to work on any guy, from my finisher to European uppercuts to any other move. That’s my key to success.”

That’s fantastic both because it stays within the lines of kayfabe — treating it like a legitimate competition is something we need a lot more of — while also giving a nod to the reality of it. Really, though, I’m just hyped to see Cesaro swinging a near 300 pound man in circles for literally any length of time.

We all need to see it.

Follow along later this evening right here.

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