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Braun Strowman isn’t here for Kalisto teasing his WWE exit

Remember when Braun Strowman trapped Kalisto in a trash dumpster and threw it off the Raw stage?

This is like the Twitter version of that.

Kalisto* and his Lucha House Party partner Gran Metalik posted about their WWE contract status earlier. In the current climate, it doesn’t take a detective to decipher a “Free Agent” hashtag, and everyone could tell what the pair were teasing before the first “Cody’s listening” GIF hit their replies:

* Kalisto deleted his, but this is the internet, and screenshots exist

via luchablog

Know what else hit their replies? RAWR!

Strowman’s been pretty vocal about his allegiance to WWE since signing an extension with the company, so I’m guessing this is “locker room leader”-type move here.


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