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Here’s your King of the Ring 2019 bracket

The tournament starts Monday night (Aug. 19) on Raw, so WWE gave us the full bracket for their 2019 lower case-r revival of the King of the Ring tournament.

Outside the killer match-ups (really, only Miz/Corbin and Owens/Elias don’t make me go “OMFG THAT SHOULD BE SICK”), one of the big takeaways here is that the bracket is split into a Raw side and a SmackDown side. That means the final will be a brand vs. brand showdown. Will this be the first steps to firmly re-establishing the split for when Team Blue moves to Fox on Fri., Oct. 4? Or a Survivor Series match or two?

It came along with some “bracketology” from WWE Now host Ryan Pappola:

We don’t know which of the match-ups we’ll see next week yet, but this gives you plenty to chew on while we wait to find out.

Which matches are you most looking forward to? Does this change your pick for who wins it all?

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