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Edge thinks he could have a match ‘tomorrow’ if WWE would let him

The Rated R Superstar discussed his surprise SummerSlam spear on the latest E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness.

When Edge announced he was hanging up his boots in 2011 due to cervical spinal stenosis diagnosis which led doctors to tell him he could be paralyzed if he continued wrestling, it was thought to be the rare case of a set-in-stone pro wrestling retirement.

That’s why when he hit Elias with a spear on Sunday (Aug. 11) at SummerSlam it was such a big surprise. After the excitement subsided a bit from seeing Toronto welcome the hometown boy to Scotiabank Arena, most fans were expecting to hear him cut a promo. Instead, we popped for his first bump in over eight years.

In the ring anyway. As the Rated R Superstar explained to his buddy Christian on the latest edition of their show, E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness, his acting job - and real life - doesn’t adhere to the “no bumps” rule. Edge also says the whole segment came together at the last minute, and that he thinks he could work a match again if WWE cleared him.

“Literally, five minutes before I saw you I was asked, ‘what do you think, do you want to do a promo?’ so, it was probably 15 minutes before you saw me go out there. It was all last minute. Poor Elias had to go and write a song in like 15 minutes, so that tells you how much of a pro he is.

What people don’t know is I do all my fight scenes, so I’ve actually done a couple of Spears acting. with that, there’s contact and I’m hitting stunt guys like I normally would. For Haven, I did one to Kurgan, and we were landing on concrete.

I think in terms of my neck there’s a lot of miseducation. When I first found out with my retirement speech, I said what I knew at that point. I’ve since learned a lot more. I’m a highly physical person. I fell off a mountain bike a few weeks ago. They don’t give me a stunt double.

I know where I’m at and I’ve seen my neck guys down here and they’ve told me the do’s and don’ts and I’m not in the midst of being told I have to retire, you know? So, I’m much more emotionally aware and hearing everything and going ‘okay, what my limitations are going forward?’ And hitting the Spear is not one of them.

... To be perfectly honest, I think I could do a match tomorrow,” the former WWE champ continued. “I might be blown up but I’d be okay. It’s just from what I know with the WWE medical staff, they won’t allow. It is what it is, right?

Just from the stuff I’ve experienced in the last eight years and the things I’ve done physically, it’s like ‘I could pull off one.’ I’m not saying I go back and do a year’s worth”

The 11 time WWE World champ also mentions he’s spoken to a doctor who told him he could get his neck “relatively” healthy in five years time. Along those line’s looking into stem cell treatments.

Which doesn’t mean Edge will steal his partner’s old catchphrase and have the proverbial “one more match”. But in this “never say never” business, would you now be shocked if he does?

Check out the entire podcast here. Thanks to Fightful and Pro Wrestling Sheet for transcription.

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