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Roman Reigns also wants more Buddy Murphy matches

Still have no idea why it wasn’t a part of SummerSlam, but at least we got the until-last-week-only-fantasized-about Buddy Murphy/Roman Reigns match on SmackDown last night (Aug. 13).

Unsurprisingly, at least for the dozens of us who watch 205 Live, it kicked ass.

The Big Dog knows it, too. Reigns followed up the hyping of “Big Arms Buddy” he was doing last week with some more praise for the Australian after their match in Toronto:

Nice for Murphy to not only get a chance to work with a star of Roman’s magnitude on television, but also to get multiple shout outs from a locker room leader - especially heading into next week’s King of the Ring tournament.

He seems to know it, too, throwing out some in-character gratitude after retweeting the Big Dog:

At this rate, he might not be able to call himself “The Best Kept Secret” for much longer.

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