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Sasha’s back in WWE, but her cryptic social media game remains

In case you were worried the return of Sasha Banks on Raw last night (Aug. 12) would mean the end of lyrical tweets & Instagram captions for fans & critics to attempt to decipher for clues as to why she hasn’t been around since WrestleMania 35 and whether she’s happy in WWE... well, you must not know The Boss.

Banks was generating cryptic content for stans & haters to obsess over long before her hiatus, and there’s no reason to believe a savvy self-marketer like Sasha is going stop. Ever.

She has this one cued up to go out even as her return was happening live in Toronto...

... and this follow-up just needed a pic from

The joshi-esque design for her new merch isn’t the only thing the four-time Raw Women’s champ picked up during her trip to Japan, she also picked up some poetry:

The very welcome return of her character to WWE also means we get some sass-tastic, storyline-specific ones like this response to Becky Lynch’s foreshadowing interview from last week too, though:

Welcome back, Boss. It’s almost like you never left.

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