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I don’t know about that Seth Rollins-Brock Lesnar match

Most fans and pundits alike seem to agree that Seth Rollins winning the Universal championship from Brock Lesnar was one of the best things about WWE SummerSlam in Toronto. Maybe they’re right, or as right as one can be about such a thing.

It left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, though.

That’s because, well, it didn’t make all that much sense to me how it all played out.

Remember, we watched Lesnar utterly decimate Rollins in back-to-back weeks. This included Seth needing to be taken away in an ambulance, and his suffering injuries WWE would have us believe could have meant his missing the show if he wasn’t such a valiant fighter willing to sacrifice it all for the thing he loves. That’s a good story, by the way, but that’s not what I saw happen in the match.

What I saw happen was a guy who was so hurt he could barely walk just days ago come into a match against a monster who so many have been fed to before and just beat him. Clean. No real issues. He just went in and won a regular match.

This man whose midsection was taped up, who was limping all around, was flying off the top rope and crashing through the announce table. This man who could barely walk was hitting Stomp after Stomp, flipping out of German suplex after German suplex, just completely fine. It never really felt like he was in any actual danger of losing the match, let alone actual danger.

You know, the whole thing they sold us on the past two weeks.

It was such a massive turn from what we were sold in the past couple weeks, I just couldn’t buy it. That Brock Lesnar beat down a man so badly he was nearly incapacitated and then lost clean to that same man just days later without putting him through absolute hell just doesn’t compute to me.

After everything these past few years, how Lesnar has been protected, this is how goes down?

I just don’t know about this one, folks.

Feel free to tell me how wrong I am.

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