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Full video of Bray Wyatt’s entrance as The Fiend at WWE SummerSlam 2019

Bray Wyatt debuted his complete entrance as “The Fiend” at WWE SummerSlam 2019 in Toronto, and it was maybe the best thing he’s ever done in his pro wrestling career. Well, the character itself is, but this falls right in line with that. It’s genuinely scary stuff, the kind of thing that works well with kids and adults, and is probably going to sell a lot of merchandise for WWE.

This is all without mentioning the new lantern, or the new entrance music from Code Orange, the crew who played in Aleister Black for his entrance at TakeOver a couple years ago.

Wyatt won his match against Finn Balor and the future looks bright indeed. There’s always pause for concern when WWE has a character like this on its hands but we haven’t seen a misstep with him just yet. If nothing else, there’s plenty of interest in where this can go in the future.


UPDATE: WWE pulled the original video and replaced it with one which doesn’t include Bray’s lantern. We’ve heard no official reason for the change, and you can make the same assumption we would.

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