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WWE SummerSlam 2019 results: The Orton/Kingston WWE title feud will continue

It was pancakes and unicorns as WWE champion Kofi Kingston entered for his defense against Randy Orton at SummerSlam on Sun., Aug. 11 in Toronto. But after his New Day brothers Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston went to the back, Kingston nodded to his family sitting at ringside and put his game face on for a showdown with his old rival Randy Orton.

Their decade old feud, which featured a shoot incident of Orton yelling about Kofi being “stupid” for messing up a planned spot, has featured in the build for this one. And it was part of how the Scotiabank Arena received the match, with dueling “Kofi’s stupid”/”Randy sucks” chants breaking out in the early going.

It followed a familiar formula. Hot start for the babyface champion, slowed down when the Viper took control and started to lay in the punishment.

A key moment occurred when Orton went for his father’s famous superplex spot, but the champ fought him off and countered with a diving DDT for a nearfall.

Kingston began inflicting punishment of his own, and taunting the 13 time WWE World champ as the one who’s “stupid”. But those taunts cost Kofi, and he was caught for a backbreaker that stopped his momentum.

It was mocking the New Day Rocks clap which cost Orton his advantage.

The champ fought out a draping DDT and pressed the advantage with a trust fall to the outside. The Viper caught an enziguri in the corner a short time later, though, and hit his signature move, and set up for his iconic finisher. Kingston avoided it that time, but he leapt into a RKO just a few seconds later.

Orton was very pleased with himself. Wisely, the Dreadlocked Dynamo used that time to roll out to the ring. In the action that followed on the floor, Randy took a moment to glare and laugh at Kofi’s wife and kids. That caused the champ to snap, and left the referee with no choice but to call for the bell with a double countout. Kingston then retrieved a kendo stick from beneath the ring and made the Viper pay for looking wrong at the fam.

Looks like this one will keep going, probably all the way to Hell in a Cell on Oct. 6.

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