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WWE SummerSlam 2019 results, live match coverage: Lesnar vs. Rollins

WWE SummerSlam is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Aug. 11, 2019) from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 7:00 pm ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of SummerSlam below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


  • Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar
  • Bray Wyatt def. Finn Balor
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton went to a double count-out draw
  • Charlotte Flair def. Trish Stratus
  • Kevin Owens def. Shane McMahon
  • Bayley def. Ember Moon
  • AJ Styles def. Ricochet
  • Goldberg def. Dolph Ziggler
  • Becky Lynch def. Natalya
  • Drew Gulak def. Oney Lorcan
  • Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. Iconic Duo
  • Buddy Murphy def. Apollo Crews by disqualification


Sorry for the late start, folks, but I’m here to liveblog the main show of this here pro wrestling show for you all the same!

The main show opens with the customary themed video package.

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya (WWE Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match)

Trading slaps, Lynch takes her in the corner and puts boots to her, exploder suplex, Natalya tries to hoss her up but ends up in a deathlock briefly before they roll to the floor. Guillotine choke off the apron but Nattie slams her into the barricade to break! Double leg and a giant swing into the barricade on the floor! Back inside after a beating, kicking the Man’s leg out of her leg and snap suplexing her into the ropes!

Slamming her leg into the mat, Lynch fighting back with body blows and knee strikes, uppercut, hobbling away and getting back body dropped to the apron. Kick caught, Neidhart snaps Lynch’s leg over the middle rope! Shoulder into the post, to the second... SHARPSHOOTER IN THE TURNBUCKLES! To the floor, Becky is able to turn Nattie around and put her shoulder-first into the announce table and then the steel steps!

Up top, Neidhart gets a superplex,but when they recover Lynch has the Sharpshooter! Kicks in the corner, Neidhart trips her up and locks Dis-Arm-Her on! Shifting to the Sharpshooter when Becky looks likely to escape, but Lynch is able to crawl under the plane of the ropes and get away when Nattie readjusts, reversing into Dis-Arm-Her! Wrenching it in... IT’S OVER!

Becky Lynch wins by submission with Dis-Arm-Her to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Backstage, Trish Stratus is interviewed.

She says she feels great, nervous, and excited, but in terms of pressure she’s a Hall of Famer and a seven-time champion, and her life shines brightest under the biggest spotlight, and the hardest part is the waiting. Charlotte Flair’s been running around saying the women of today are better athletes than when they were competing, and Flair has no idea how lucky she is.

Trish says she’s gonna prove to everyone that Charlotte couldn’t walk a mile in her boots, and if she’s the Queen, then honey, she’s the Queen of Queens.

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance and cuts a promo about how he’s the best thing to happen to the show and to WWE in general.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Goldberg

Squaring up... ZIGGLER GETS A SUPERKICK BUT GOLDBERG KICKS OUT AT ONE! A second... STILL NO! Back on his feet... SPEAR! Drawing Dolph to his feet, Bill pulls him in...

Goldberg wins by pinfall with a Jackhammer.

Post-match, Dolph calls Goldberg out from the ring and says it was like getting hit like a baby and he doesn’t have the guts to fight him man to man!

Bill heads back to the ring... ANOTHER SPEAR!

After that, Ziggler calls Goldberg out AGAIN and tells him anybody can get lucky twice and calls him an idiot. He keeps running Bill down and says he’ll never stay down... and here comes Goldberg AGAIN! He draws Dolph up and looks him in the eyes before patting his back, off the ropes... A THIRD SPEAR!

Backstage, Kofi Kingston is getting ready for his match when Big E and Xavier Woods roll up to give him a pep talk ahead of his match tonight. They bring Drake Maverick out and he spits a few bars before saying they brought him here under false pretenses and R-Truth isn’t here at all.

We get the parade of the international commentators, and amongst them tonight are Carmella and R-Truth in disguise, so we’ll see how that goes.

Oh hey, we don’t have to wait, because Drake Maverick goes down the row, referee Darryl Sharma in tow, but they’re nowhere to be seen.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Ricochet (WWE United States Championship)

Ricochet in hot, punches and chops, charging in but referee Darrick Moore backs him off. He’s able to keep his composure and deck Styles, off the ropes, flip to the apron, he steps off of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows’ shoulders to hit a headscissors takeover on AJ on the floor! Slingshot in, charging, Styles cuts him off and gets him hung up by one leg int the ropes.

Stomping away at the knee, leg kicks, posting the knee into the mat, elbow drops into a leglock, just dissecting the knee joint. Ricky to his feet, enzuigiri denied and AJ just stomps the knee harder! Another missed enzuigiri, this time Ricochet is able to Black Magic it and land the reverse kick for separation! Styles stunned, Ricky laying punches in, whip reversed but the One and Only hits a tijeras to put him in the corner.

Back body drop to the apron, smashing his face into the turnbuckles, springboard elbow... NOPE! Neckbreaker to follow, running shooting star press, still only two! Sunset flip for two, AJ kicks the leg again, Ricochet to the floor but Styles baseball slides him! Back inside, Ushigoroshi... NOPE! Back and forth, desperation enzuigiri clocks AJ on the ear but isn’t enough to keep him down.

Calf Killer applied in the middle of the ring, Ricochet manages to break it by slamming AJ’s head into the mat... ANACONDA VISE! Twisting brainbuster... STILL NO! Kickflip moonsault to take Gallows out but Styles cuts him off and climbs to join him. Jockeying for position, Ricky with a kick to Anderson, he perches, Phoenix Splash attempt... CAUGHT INTO THE STYLES CLASH! IT’S OVER!

AJ Styles wins by pinfall with a Styles Clash to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Post-match, Gallows and Anderson hit a Magic Killer on Ricochet.

Street Profits are backstage running their usual hype reel recap of the show when Ric Flair rolls up.

The Nature Boy has a fun moment with them while they Wooo! together.

Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Bayley with a side headlock takeover, another one, a third, reversed to a headscissors, kip-up, fireman’s carry takeover, stalemate! Moon with a legsweep, a kick combo, duck a knee but she gets caught into the side headlock! Running hip attack trades for a corner boot, handspring forearm, off the ropes, springboard crossbody, Bayley kicks out! Knee lifts, dragging her into the ring, cover again just for two.

Clubbing away, bow and arrow, Hugger with body blows, to the apron, Twist of Fate denied, off the ropes, springboard crossbody misses this time and Bayley clocks her with a wicked knee! A lariat to follow, only two, a suplex also with two! Jockeying for position over the ropes, Ember with hard strikes but Bayley gets her caught in a front chancery.

Moon windmilling to break free but the Hugger yanks her arm through the ropes! Stunner through the corner, back suplex lift sets Ember into the Tree of Woe and following it with a step-up elbow drop... NOPE! Inverted Boston Crab applied, but Moon kicks her off and into the ropes. Kip-up, superkick, both women down and out! Frankensteiner out of the corner... THUNDERFIRE POWERBOMB LIFT DROPPED INTO A CODEBREAKER ONLY GETS TWO!

Bayley-to-Belly blocked, but Ember gets a powerbomb for two! In the turnbuckles...

Bayley wins by pinfall with an avalanche Bayley-to-Belly to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

Elias is announced as special guest enforcer for the match.

He distracts Owens on the floor such that he almost gets counted out from the jump! Back inside, McMahon runs off, KO gives chase, and the Drifter decks him on the floor! He gets into it, jawing, but beats referee Danilo Anfibio’s count! Back inside again, wailing on Shane with corner punches... CANNONBALL! A clothesline sends McMahon to the floor, Kev takes flight... but Elias is standing in the way so he doesn’t complete the dive.

Belly-to-belly suplex into the barricade, Shane trying to take the countout win but Owens beats the count. McMahon pressing the attack, punches and kicks in the corner, Anfibio warning him off and getting KO some breathing room. More punches, Owens fighting back with strikes of his own, a knee catches him, and a Russian legsweep gets two.

Shane clubbing away in the ropes, whip reversed, pop-up powerbomb blocked and McMahon connects with a DDT... NOPE! Looking for the sharpshooter, denied... POP-UP POWERBOMB GETS WAY MORE THAN THREE BUT ELIAS IS DISTRACTING DANILO! Elias throws a chair in the ring to tempt Kev, he picks it up and considers it while McMahon asks for it and even slaps him across the face but Owens is the better man!

McMahon tries to blindside him, he sidesteps and Elias eats it, superkick, up top... SENTON ATOMICO! Back up top again... FROG SPLASH BUT ELIAS PULLS ANFIBIO OUT OF THE RING! A CANNONBALL OFF THE APRON TAKES BOTH REFEREES OUT! Back inside, no one to disqualify him, Owens grabs the chair but Elias pulls him out of the ring! Kevin decks him and wails on him with the chair on the floor!

Back inside, chair in hand, but Danilo is awake and Owens realizes before he can swing it! He gives the chair over... AND KICKS MCMAHON IN THE GENTLEMAN’S AREA! Kick to the gut...

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall with the Stunner.

We get a video package for Roman Reigns and his horrible no-good very bad career threatening week.

Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

Squaring up, collar and elbow, Stratus getting at it, arm drag and a springboard tijeras but Flair picks the leg, figure four countered into a headscissors! Countering a powerbomb by slinging Charlotte out of the ring, boot through the ropes, but on the floor Flair turns the tide and throws her into the barricade! Back inside, clubbing away, kneeling surfboard gives way to a handful of hair and smashing Trish’s face into the mat!

Pulling her in for a suplex, reversed to a crossbody but Flair follows it up with a wicked forearm! Strikes in the corner, jawing and mocking Stratus, and she picks the legs for grounded punches! Boots in the corner, climbing up for mounted punches, slip to the apron and Charlotte drops her with a big boot! Back inside, right on her with more kicks and stomps!

Up top, moonsault comes up empty and Stratus fires up with chops! In the corner, handspring, Flair catches her, Trish sits up and they trade punches up top! Stratus goes for a Frankensteiner... AND GETS IT OFF THE TOP BUT CAN’T PUT THE QUEEN AWAY! Charlotte gets a big boot off in the followup but Trish kicks out! Flair goes to work on the knee, figure four reversed into a small package for two!

Wheelbarrow roll-through... STRATUS HAS THE FIGURE FOUR LOCKED ON! SHE BRIDGES UP INTO THE FIGURE EIGHT! Charlotte gets out and lies in wait but Trish sidesteps the spear! Bulldog... STRATUSFACTION CAN’T PUT FLAIR DOWN! Trish gets a nearfall off a jackknife pin, another one off the Chick Kick, still can’t keep the Queen down! Another big boot, Charlotte picks the leg, figure four applied, bridging up... IT’S OVER!

Charlotte Flair wins by submission with the Figure Eight.

Trish takes a moment to soak in the crowd after the match.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is getting ready for his match and tending to his taped-up ribs when Bret “the Hitman” Hart comes by to wish him luck in passing.

We get a promo for WWE 2K20.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Jawing, Kingston pushing him into the corner, forcing referee Ryan Tran to get between them for the break. Headbutt connects, Orton getting into it, uppercuts, another headbutt, whip to the corner but Kofi explodes out with a lariat! Whip reversed, up and over with a springboard brain chop goes the champion! Ordering him to get up, solebutt, right hands, and the Viper cuts the assault off with a thumb to the eye.

Boot up on the charge but Randy knocks him off the top and to the floor! Going to work on Kingston’s arm on the floor, smashing him into the announce table! Back inside, stomp to the arm, wrenching Kingston over the middle rope, and an uppercut sends Kofi to the floor again. The Viper whips him into the steps but he leaps over them and returns with a Superman Lariat off the steps!

Orton takes control again, back suplex into the desk! Uppercuts, back inside, up top, jockeying for position... TORNADO DDT FROM THE CHAMP! Big double chops to follow it, off the ropes for the Boom Drop, calling for Trouble in Paradise but Randy counters with the back-to-back backbreaker for two! Orton to the floor... KOFI WITH THE DIVING TRUST FALL SENTON TO THE FLOOR!

Back inside, diving crossbody... STILL NO! Orton fires back with the hanging DDT! The Viper going to that special place... RKO countered into a backslide for two! Trouble in Paradise ducked, Kingston with a gamengiri in the corner, he comes off the top... RKO! Orton’s laughing and slow to capitalize and Kofi is able to roll to the floor! Kingston brawling on the floor with the Viper as the referee counts...

The match goes to an unannounced double countout draw.

After, Kofi gets a kendo stick and wails on Orton with it! Just shattering the bamboo over the Viper’s flesh, out of the ring and back into it!

Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

Wyatt right in with a chokehold mat slam! Stomping away, off the ropes, dropping Balor with a headbutt! Forearm to the back, right hands, whip across, up and over but Bray is hanging in the turnbuckles and stops Finn in his tracks! Capture Rock Bottom blocked, northern lariat connects and Balor is down and out! Wyatt from behind... AND HE WHIPLASHES BALOR’S NECK WITH A SNAP NECK CRANK!

Rock Bottom connects, Bray considers what he’s done for a moment before coming back over... SISTER ABIGAIL DENIED! Balor rallies, Sling Blade, shotgun dropkick, Kawada kicks, double leg into the double stomp! Headed up top, nobody home on the Coup de Grace and the Mandible Claw is in! HIS SHOULDERS GO DOWN! IT’S OVER!

Bray Wyatt wins by pinfall with the Mandible Claw.

Post-match, the lights go down and laughter echoes across the arena. The lights flash while Bray stands there and then when they come all the way back up, only Finn is in the ring, dry heaving and collecting himself.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Universal Championship)

Circling, Lesnar with a kick to the midsection, clubbing away, shoulder blocks in the corner to target the injured rips and he follows it up by ramming Rollins back-first into the opposite corner! More shoulder thrusts in the corner, German suplex... ROLLINS LANDS ON HIS FEET! BLACKOUT! NOT ENOUGH! To the floor, diving knee off the apron, back in, waiting for Brock, he catches a superkick, German suplex but again Seth lands on his feet!

Superkick, another one, Lesnar’s down but he catches Rollins... F-5! He picks Seth up by the tape like a sack of potatoes and throws him! Stomp to the ribs, calling him a bitch, German suplex, another one, holding on, handful of hair and then a third German! Another one on the floor, Brock lets out a roar, back inside, German suplex number five and Rollins rolls back to the floor.

Lesnar out after him, fireman’s carry but he slips out and puts Brock’s head into the post! Throwing him into the post again, back inside and he follows with a springboard knee strike! Diving knee, nobody home, German suplex... STILL NO! Stomping away, the gloves are off, release suplex connects! Double leg into the corner, and Brock follows with a bear hug! I can hardly bear it!

Choking Rollins over the middle rope with a knee, but when he lets up and goes for a follow-up Seth sidesteps and Brock eats the post hard with a shoulder! Off the ropes, a single leg dropkick knocks Lesnar to the floor! Off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE! Back in... another dive! A third but Lesnar catches him and puts him into the post! Clearing the announce table but Seth blasts him and heads up top... FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!

Back inside, a second frog splash lands true! Rollins is tuning up the band... BLACKOUT IS ONLY GOOD FOR TWO! Charging in again... Brock goes for the F-5 but Rollins slips out! Superkick...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with Blackout to win the WWE Universal Championship.

Seth celebrates with the title while Paul Heyman and Brock regroup.

That’s the show, folks.

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