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Goldberg gets a mulligan for the Saudi Arabia clunker

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler

The last time we saw Goldberg was most definitely not pretty.

He and Undertaker were the main event of the Super ShowDown special in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia back in June. While it looked like it started off pretty well, Goldberg sustained a concussion early on the match, and it went sharply downhill from there.

They continued wrestling for another seven minutes in the brutal heat and it was ugly all around. It was a match widely panned and had people begging WWE not to make these two wrestle again.

However these two men are full of pride and neither were going to have that be their last match. Not that either man said it would be, but both returned sooner than expected to try to wash that taste of their mouth and prevent that being the last things fans remember about them for the foreseeable future.

Undertaker had a surprising return not long after to team with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. It ended up being a really fun match, allowing the Deadman to put the Saudi match behind him.

While Taker will return here and there for WWE, Goldberg doesn’t come and go like that. (Though a report says maybe that will be changing.) That’s why it was so surprising to hear Dolph Ziggler take jabs at the WCW legend in almost every one of his promos.

Despite his Goldberg remarks, Ziggler was actually booked into a SummerSlam match with old foe the Miz after making some remarks about Miz’s wife. Then it looked like he could be feuding with HBK when a MizTV segment ended with Ziggler superkicking the Hall of Famer.

On Monday, when Miz and Ziggler were set to sign the contract for the match, the A Lister dropped the bomb on Ziggler that he wouldn’t be facing the Show Off. They teased a moment where it could be HBK taking on Dolph before Goldberg’s music hit and here we are.

This match will surely be a very short affair where Ziggler bumps all over for Goldberg before taking the Spear and Jackhammer. That’s the type of match Goldberg should be having. It’s what made him famous, and it’s what the fans want to see.

Little should go wrong with such a simple formula that’s worked for Goldberg all these years. And it will leave a much better memory for fans than Super ShowDown did.

While it’s very possible that Goldberg and Undertaker came back to work regardless of their terrible main event in Jeddah (there’s no reports to indicate such), it’d be very surprising that getting past that match wasn’t in their back of their head when they did. If all goes well, after tonight, both Goldberg and Undertaker’s most recent match will be something worth remembering instead of something better left forgotten.

Goldberg will face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam tomorrow night at 7 ET on the WWE Network. Keep it here to for all of your SummerSlam coverage.


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