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Fox starts introducing their audience to Finn Bálor thirst

His appearance on the Major League Soccer All-Star Game broadcast last night (July 31) was an early taste of the cross-promotion Fox plans to do between WWE and their non-scripted sports properties when SmackDown makes it premiere on the broadcast network Fri., Oct. 4.

Finn Bálor represented The ’E by talking about his favorite football team, ignoring Alexi Lalas’ logical question about “The Demon” (one wrestling fans have been asking for years), and providing sound strategy to Maurice Edu for countering a high knee. Rob Stone snuck a key sports entertainment selling point into this playful exchange, too, though.

See, Rob’s wife has a question about Finn’s abs...

Jokes aside (not that I’m 100% joking - wrestlers’ looks are a big reason why we tune in), Bálor makes a great spokesperson here. He’s knowledgeable about the subject at hand and completely charming. He may have picked up a few new viewers for SmackDown... if anybody’s watching the MLS All-Star Game, that is.

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