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Paul Heyman teases a Brock Lesnar Money in the Bank cash-in at Extreme Rules (in the right way)

WWE advertised Brock Lesnar cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at multiple shows, and each time failed to deliver on that promise. If you were to go off this tweet, you might think they’re advertising it again:

But that’s not quite the case.

Heyman did indeed say that Lesnar would be cashing in at Extreme Rules this weekend, but he also said it’s entirely possible he could be lying to screw with the heads of the two champions, Rollins and Kingston. He effectively teased that it could happen while cautioning that it may not, putting it on the viewer to choose whether or not they want to tune in (to maybe see it, or maybe not) or skip the show (to maybe miss it, or maybe not).

That’s just good, honest promotion of an event.

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