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Nobody’s backing off WWE’s Becky/Seth power couple push

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Well, maybe they will after Extreme Rules’ Winner Takes All match this Sunday (July 14) in Philadelphia. But for now, all parties seem invested in marketing the heck out of it.

Universal champion Seth Rollins is playing sidekick, which... I can’t say I blame him. But cutesy tweets like this aren’t gonna convince anyone who isn’t already replying with “WE STAN A QUEEN & KING” to get on the power couple bandwagon:

Those are the molecular formulae for dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and together they’re the chemicals which make you feel like you’re in love, and... you get the idea.

Raw Women’s champ Becky Lynch is also offering pics of her and her beau, along with some of that antagonize your online critics vibe which is so popular with wrestlers these days...

Meanwhile, WWE is just trying to cash in on the whole thing...

WWE Shop

If you, like Vince McMahon apparently, have been waiting for a couple to be booked atop a wrestling show, enjoy!

If you’re part of the #SeckyIsSucky crowd, maybe this its last hurrah, and we’ll be back to following Lynch and Rollins’ solo careers again by this time next week.

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