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WWE debuts new show, Reimagined, asking: What if Undertaker went to WCW?

My main man Sean Rueter asked recently why WWE seemed to be promoting an Undertaker vs. Sting match but from 1998. Now we know: the debut episode of Reimagined, a show where current stars and personalities consider an alternate reality. In this episode, that alternate reality is Undertaker going to WCW during the Monday Night War.

Naturally, you can’t imagine Undertaker in WCW without also imagining an epic feud with Sting, who also sat down for this video to cut a promo about what would have happened had they come together.

You’ll notice quite a few folks in the comments think this means WWE is setting up a match between the two in 2019, but this is just about what would have happened if it went down all those years ago. It’s fine for what it is.

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