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Your 24/7 Champion is having the best 4th of July celebration

Nothing but respect for our 24/7 Champ.

It looks like Drake Maverick is in the clear and will end the 4th of July holiday still WWE 24/7 champion. Yesterday, Maverick and wife Renee Michelle celebrated their honeymoon in two separate parts.

During each passing video you can see Maverick’s skills as a 24/7 champion improve, while his skills as a husband wither away right before our eyes. Also, Michelle staring daggers through Mavs was truly an emotion that popped off the screen.

Today (Jul. 4) Maverick and Michelle chronicled part three of their honeymoon. Let’s just say DM the GM is living his best 4th of July possible.

But also.....

Drake is just a man who loves his 24/7 title, EC3, America, and his wife. In what order? Who can really say and how do you even rank an emotion such as love? Maverick is in a tough spot here and simply doing the best he can, okay?

Stayed tuned right here at for any further Drake Maverick, Renee Michelle, and 24/7 title updates.

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