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Maria Kanellis gives some free advice to pro wrestling news sites

It took all of one segment on Raw this week for Maria Kanellis to turn back into a human lightning rod.

Only a few weeks after Maria and Mike Kanellis reportedly signed new deals with WWE, the pro wrestling power couple were put into a big money spot opposite Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins this past Monday night.

Maria verbally undressed her real life husband on Raw and had the pro wrestling world talking up her show stealing segment all week. The cherry on top of all that is the Kanellis’ really are expecting another baby, with Maria confirming the pregnancy on social media.

This feels like it was a pretty wonderful past few days in the Kanellis household. Which makes Maria’s latest rant on the pro wrestling media feel so out of place.

Then again in 2019, is bashing the media a heel or baby face move?

Perhaps Kanellis was referring to recent reports on the reason why Maria and Mike were booked this past week on Raw.

Maria Kanellis versus the pro wrestling media, who won round one?

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