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Sasha Banks with some messages many will read into

For better or worse, Sasha Banks really knows how to play the social media game.

It’s hard to tell if The Boss gave 30 seconds or 30 minutes to each and every one one of her posts on Instagram and Twitter.

Today (Jul. 4) the exiled WWE star dropped what felt like a pair of positive messages to Twitter. Were these tweets about WWE? AEW? Fireworks? Ice cream?

Who can really be sure anymore with Banks, but with her gone from WWE going on three months it feels like these messages were a sign something or someone is moving forward.

Banks followed that Tweet up with the GIF below.

After a reported late May meeting with Vince McMahon, the month of June was a relatively quiet 30 days from the 27-year-old WWE vet. Banks gave a brief comment on Jon Moxley and reportedly also worked on a WWE 2K20 related project a few weeks ago.

Last seen at WrestleMania 35 in April, it feels like someone has to blink eventually when it comes to the issues Sasha Banks and WWE have with one another.

Update 5:36 PM ET: Even when she talks to her friends, Banks’ messages are mysterious...

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