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We have a lot of questions about WWE’s Instagram of Roman Reigns’ SmackDown attack

WWE launched a SummerSlam whodunit with the final scene of SmackDown LIVE last night (July 30). Roman Reigns was headed to tell Kayla Braxton his opponent for the Sun., Aug. 11 pay-per-view in Toronto when a production rig fell on him.

The Big Dog brushed off medical attention, as the company website says he “narrowly” avoided “backstage calamity”. Internet sleuths and fantasy bookers are already on the lookout for the culprit and/or culprits - and we’ll be joining in more on the hunt before too long. We’ve already piled on with critique of the ridiculous presentation of the scene which featured like six jump cuts in three seconds.

Right now, though, we have questions about this:

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What just happened to @romanreigns?! #SDLive

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  • How was this image captured? Did there just happen to be cameras on the scaffolding?
  • If so, who mounted the cameras? WERE THEY IN ON IT?
  • If not, did someone from WWE’s digital team run in to snap a picture for the ‘gram before helping Roman? PRIORITIES people!
  • Is the Big Dog... dabbing?
  • We can’t be the only people who thought of this, right?

Let us know what questions you have below. And remember, when you want quality pro wrestling content like this from the internet, Cageside Seats is the place to come.

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